Red Hat Partnership

Containers are revolutionizing application packaging and delivery. But enterprise-level adoption of containers is predicated on security and trust.

Black Duck has partnered with Red Hat to establish a secure and trusted model for containerized application delivery by providing visibility into and control over known open source vulnerabilities inside containers. Black Duck Hub’s enterprise-level, deep container inspection (DCI) and open source security risk assessment capabilities complement Red Hat container certification and lifecycle management. 


The Black Duck Hub Scanner is built on the trusted foundation of Red Hat Enterprise Linux as a certified container. Customers can rely on this solution to safely build and deploy applications on Red Hat container platforms, including OpenShift, across the hybrid cloud. Use of Black Duck’s risk assessment with Red Hat container platforms allows customers and software providers to:

  • Adopt containers with trust and confidence

  • Move from development and test to production workloads

  • Use containers for high-value or security-sensitive applications
  • Address needs of CISOs and security teams for visibility and control

  • Use established risk-assessment technology proven with over 1,800 customers