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Open Source Visibility and Control

'Bad Guys' are constantly trying to exploit open source security vulnerabilities. Black Duck helps companies gain visibility and control over open source components and map the known vulnerabilities in their code.

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What People Are Saying

The Black Duck Suite provides a great management and governance platform. It enables us to do timely and comprehensive IP reviews of the code, and ship our products with confidence – and a trustworthy Bill of Materials.
Matt Foley
Director of Engineering Infrastructure
Black Duck Suite automates the process in such a way that we are able to gain all of the benefits of open source software while mitigating the risks.
Dr. Yunjae Jung
Principal Specialist
Samsung SDS
With the Black Duck Suite we found the right solution to execute our open source governance policy by providing a scalable and transparent approval process.
Janaka Bohr
Head of Global Licensing, Open Source

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