Solution Partners

These leading technology vendors work with Black Duck to deliver high value to our customers through joint solutions.


CollabNet leads the industry in Agile application lifecycle management (Agile ALM) in the Cloud.  The CollabNet TeamForge ALM platform, CollabNet Subversion software configuration management (SCM) solution, and ScrumWorks® project and program management software enable teams using any environment, methodology, and technology to increase productivity by up to 50% and to reduce the cost of software development by up to 80%.  The company also offers training, including Certified ScrumMaster training, software development process improvement services, and an innovative community management approach to driving enterprise development success.  As the founder of the open source Subversion project, CollabNet has collaborative development for distributed teams in its DNA. Millions of users at more than 2,500 organizations, including Applied Biosystems, Capgemini, Deutsche Bank, Oracle, Reuters, and the U.S. Department of Defense, have transformed the way they develop software with CollabNet.  For more information, visit

Black Duck and Collabnet are working together to advance the state of software development. The Black Duck® Suite products are integrated with CollabNet's Subversion and Team Forge, and, in fact, Code Sight powers the Team Forge code search capability.

Hewlett Packard

Hewlett Packard (HP) provide infrastructure and business offerings that span from handheld devices to some of the world's most powerful supercomputer installations. HP offer consumers a wide range of products and services from digital photography to digital entertainment and from computing to home printing. This comprehensive portfolio helps HP match the right products, services and solutions to our customers' specific needs.

Black Duck is a member of the HP Developer & Solutions Partner Program (DSPP). 

IBM Rational

IBM Rational solutions are targeted combination's of products, services, and best practices based on the open, modular, and proven IBM Rational Software Delivery Platform. They can help you optimize software and systems delivery processes, maximize project budgets, improve quality, and strengthen stakeholder collaboration.

Black Duck products are “Ready for Rational” certified providing Rational customers with a complete solution for multi-source development.


Consultancy and expertise in innovation, Inno3's focuses its business in adoption of new uses such as Open Source, Open Data and Open Innovation. Inno3 provides innovative services with high added value to companies and public organizations entering in a process of opening up their innovation policies, including: designing intellectual property strategies to enhance the intangible property; audit and implementation of governance for optimizing the use of Open Source, Open Data and Open Innovation; and development of open source skills centers.


JFrog’s mission is to provide better technologies and tools for the everyday use and to increase the effectiveness of software development software.

As the first company to provide the software market with a Repository Management Solution, JFrog has established itself as a technology leader in the industry and aspires to continue setting the standard moving forward. JFrog envisions a world where developers can openly and actively choose optimal tools at any given moment. The company therefore strives to provide products that are designed to integrate within the existing development ecosystem to help avoid vendor lock-in.

JFrog’s core values are based on non-compromising professionalism, superior quality code, first-class service, strong customer relationships, mutual trust and integrity.

Black Duck and JFrog are working together to integrate open source governance and compliance into the Repository Manager, delivering new levels of efficiency for both developers and compliance teams in the use of open source. 

Microsoft Visual Studio

Use of Open Source software and techniques are increasing rapidly in the .NET, Windows and Visual Studio development communities. Microsoft embraces this move because it can increase productivity and innovation on the .NET and Windows platforms. As this trend progresses so to does the need for governance and process to ensure the legal and responsible use of Open Source code.

Microsoft is working with Back Duck to ensure that Black Duck products are well integrated into Visual Studio Team System, Team Foundation Server and the Visual Studio IDE, to ensure that the tools are well integrated as appropriate in the Application Lifecycle so that developers, testers, build engineers and IT Management can access the Black Duck functionality in a natural way from within the tools they are most comfortable using.

Additionally, Black Duck and Microsoft work together to catalog projects from their Codeplex forge. See Forges and Datasources.

Red Hat

Red Hat is leading Linux and open source solutions into the mainstream by making high-quality, low-cost technology accessible. Red Hat provides operating system software along with middleware, applications and management solutions. Red Hat also offers support, training and consulting services to its customers worldwide and through top-tier partnerships. Red Hat's Open Source strategy offers customers a long term plan for building infrastructures that are based on and leverage open source technologies with focus on security and ease of management.

Red Hat and Black Duck are working together to help software developers and companies safely use Linux and open source software and to employ open source  practices for their own software development.