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Black Duck &
Google Cloud Platform

Secure and Agile Cloud Deployment

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Open Source Security for Your Google Cloud Development

Safely build and deploy your applications and containers in the cloud with automated intelligence, visibility, control, and agility.

You build world class applications fast and deliver continuously using containers in Google’s managed cloud environment. But when you ship a container or application, it’s hard to know exactly what contents are inside, and that makes managing security painful. You need a solution that will work with your continuous delivery pipeline, not against it. By integrating Black Duck Hub with your Google Cloud Platform tools, you can scan images in your container registry, automate build scans in your CI/CD pipeline, and stay notified on any security vulnerabilities or policy violations found in your open source code.

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Black Duck & Google Cloud Foundry

Google Cloud

Build and Delivery

Install Black Duck Hub directly on GCP from the Cloud Launcher with one click and start scanning immediately.
Black Duck & Google Container Registry

Google Container

Docker Image Storage Solution

Scan container images in GCR to identify all open source, known security vulnerabilities, and policy violations.
Black Duck & Google Cloud Foundry

Google Container

Source to Image Builds

Kick off scans automatically during the creation of Docker container images.

Scalable Cloud Security



One-click installation of Black Duck Hub on GCP form Google Cloud Launcher Marketplace


Identify and secure all open source in your containers using Black Duck deep image scanning

Throughout SDLC

Scan using a number of supported dev tools, like Visual Studio, Jenkins, Artifactory, and OpenShift


Black Duck Hub will monitor your code and alert you on newly reported vulnerabilities