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Why do a software audit?

Whether you are evaluating potential acquisitions or divestitures, reviewing supply chain commitments, or meeting internal open source compliance requirements, you need to be able to quickly identify and assess your open source content, as well as the quality of the code assets involved.  And, if you are on the sell or supply side, you need to anticipate these considerations from buyers. Black Duck Audit Services are designed to augment your team's capacity and capabilities for evaluating software.

Due Diligence
When an M&A transaction is in motion, your business, legal, and engineering teams need a fast, secure, and thorough analysis of software assets. Black Duck's Open Source Audits help you quickly identify open source and third-party code, along with related software provenance and licensing obligations, to protect you from unknown intellectual property (IP) and security risks. This comprehensive analysis ensures proper due diligence and aids your team in assessing remediation requirements.

Additionally, Black Duck performs software audits to analyze code and the processes around it for quality and cryptographic content. As a trusted third party, Black Duck can reduce the need for your developers to come in contact with another party's code, easing the tension of a transaction and reducing exposure if the transaction falls through.  

Internal Assessment
The lack of maturity of open source management processes in most organizations makes it difficult, or even impossible, to know the open source and cryptographic content in a software code base. Black Duck can help give you a better sense for how your software and processes stacks up against industry quality norms. If your business, engineering, and legal teams don't know what's in your code, or where it is, they can't take the proper steps to ensure you that your code isn't exposed to security, legal, and operational risks.  Whether you are preparing for a transaction or funding event, or simply want to get a better handle on potential code vulnerabilities and what to do about them, Black Duck audits provide you with a comprehensive, accurate code assessment.

Learn more about Black Duck's leading Audit Services:

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Why the Black Duck Team?

Our processes are fine-tuned and our expert consultants are trained to provide the responsiveness, speed, and discretion required to reduce business risk, meet deadlines, and provide you with the information and confidence you need to swiftly take action.

  • Trusted reputation: Black Duck has performed thousands of software audits with unquestioned discretion, and is trusted by dozens of serial acquirers to de-risk their deals.
  • Agile business practices: From first contact to delivery of final report (sometimes all within a week), Black Duck's Audit Services team moves at the speed of M&A transactions.
  • High quality of work: Our highly experienced auditors have a reputation for delivering high quality high value reports.
  • Unmatched KnowledgeBase™: At the heart of our open source analysis is the industry's largest, most comprehensive and deepest KnowledgeBase with over a million projects and growing every day with efforts of our skilled KnowledgeBase team.

Audits per year

Start gaining insights into your code base today. Contact us to receive an audit quote. 

We complete Black Duck audits on all of our technology acquisitions. We believe best practices requires this audit of our source code at least every year.
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