Open Source is Revolutionizing How Today's Software is Built

We're all about helping you focus on the truly innovative parts of software development while leveraging existing open source software to do the rest. Sifting through the tens of thousands of available open source projects - whether on the Internet or in internal code repositories - to find code that’s right for your next application can be a daunting task. And getting through the approval process can add further delays. Black Duck can help.

The Black Duck Open Hub - Search and Evaluate Open Source Projects

Search and evaluate open source projects, look at the code and understand the people behind the project. The world’s most comprehensive directory of open source projects, people and code is a free community resource. Visit the Black Duck Open Hub.

Open Hub Code Search - Search for Open Source Code

Within the Black Duck Open Hub is a powerful and free code search engine indexing over 10b lines of open source code. Find code fast. Look inside the code. Learn from others or reuse an existing open source component. Visit Open Hub Code Search.

Code Center - Search and Governance

Search and evaluate open source, obtain approvals, monitor changes and security vulnerabilities and catalog components for reuse and standardization. Learn about Black Duck®Code Center

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