Online Training

Black Duck Academy

download datasheetBlack Duck is dedicated to helping our customers master the use and proper management of open source. We’ve created comprehensive online training courses and how-to videos that provides both an overview of open source and training on Black Duck. Black Duck Academy provides 24x7, all-you-can-eat access to learning materials.

Our Internet-based courseware provides modules designed specifically for a variety of roles and responsibilities related to code management, security, governance, and compliance. From administrators and developers to approvers, auditors and engineers, all employees will learn how to manage open source to encourage innovation, increase the speed of development and ensure compliance with their organization’s policies.


The training is divided into units designed for specific roles including developers, customization engineers, auditors and others. With these targeted courses, employees can learn the most important information regarding using open source to accomplish their business objectives.

Our courses are organized into the following categories:

  • Open Source Software Licenses - these videos and courses are designed to provide an overview of open source software, open source license compliance, and managing open source software effectively.  
  • Black Duck – these how-to videos focus on installing, operating, navigating, scanning, and reporting using Black Duck to help you understand and mitigate your security risk.  Along the way, you’ll be exposed to integrating the Black Duck into your Jenkins continuous integration process.

Customers of Black Duck online training courses can login here.

Black Duck also offers on-site training for face-to-face education in the comfort of your own facilities.

Features and Benefits:



Short,Consumable How-to Videos Brief, bite-sized chunks of content (5-15 minute videos) with searchable table of contents allow students to more easily consume training just-in-time for a job requirement.
On-Demand Education Students can learn on their own schedules and gain the knowledge they need, when they need it.
Interactive Flash-based application simulations allow students to learn-by-doing, helping enhance knowledge with practical skills so they can accelerate the use and management of open source.
Online Convenient and always available, customers can access the training from any location with an Internet connection.
Skill Assessment During and at the end of each module, students are presented with assessment checkpoints to reinforce their learning.
Role-Based Learning Tracks Students focus specifically on the courses relevant to their job, saving both time and money.
Consistency Every student is taught the exact same program material, without any variation in the experience.