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Governance Fast Start for Automotive

Rapidly Implement Open Source Governance and Compliance for Automotive Software Development

Download Black Duck Governance Fast Start for Automotive DatasheetFree and open source software (FOSS) and community-based development are helping the automotive industry evolve by accelerating innovation for in-vehicle infotainment (IVI) systems. Embracing the open source paradigm of reuse, standardization and community-based development is reshaping product architecture and development, enabling faster and cheaper software development, while introducing compliance obligations. To do this rapidly and efficiently, the use of proven FOSS strategy, policy, processes, methods and compliance tools are key – especially for those offerings created and delivered by a complex, multi-tier supply chain.

The Black Duck® Governance Fast Start™ for Automotive is a joint service offering from Black Duck and BearingPoint to help automotive OEMs and suppliers create and implement open source governance and compliance programs. It includes a workshop style consultative and advisory service specifically designed for automotive OEMs and their suppliers. Participants learn how to quickly create FOSS strategy, policy and implementation road maps to build governance infrastructure across their supply chains. The program is based on Bearing Point’s FOSS Management Maturity Model and includes training for business executives, architects and senior members of the technical staff to improve R&D and time-to-market, reduce costs and maximize the value of FOSS assets.

Key Deliverables

The Governance Fast Start for Automotive program is organized in a series of modules that can be delivered over a three-to-five day period. Ideal for top-level business executives, mid-level management and senior software developers and system architects, a key element is the Open Source Management Assessment (OSMA) which provides a holistic evaluation of your company’s current FOSS management infrastructure.  Deliverables from the Fast Start program include:

  • A FOSS policy based on industry best practices for license and copyright management
  • An implementation plan and road map for bringing FOSS management to the maturity level required for success in the IVI ecosystem

For More Information

In Europe, call BearingPoint at +49 89 54033 7007 or send an email.

In North America, call Black Duck at +1 781.891.5100 or send an email.

In Asia, call Black Duck at +1 781.891.5100 or send an email.

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