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Open Source Security for
RHEL Atomic Host

Integrated Container Scanning for RHEL Atomic Host

Black Duck provides security-scanning capability for Red Hat Enterprise Linux Atomic Host. The Black Duck Hub scanner is built on the trusted foundation of Red Hat Enterprise Linux as a certified container. Customers can rely on this solution to safely build and deploy applications on Red Hat container platforms, including OpenShift, across the hybrid cloud.

Black Duck &RHEL Atomic Host

RHEL Atomic Host

By integrating Black Duck’s vulnerability mapping and risk assessment with Red Hat’s enterprise-grade tools enterprises and software providers can:

  • Identify and inventory the open source in use to address security, licensing, or quality issues
  • Minimize the time to fix for newly reported open source vulnerabilities
  • Automatically enforce open source security & use policies in development and production
  • Maintain control, even in large, highly-dynamic container deployments