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Case Studies

Open Source Governance

This financial services firm successfully moved to omni-channel banking. The banks transformation was fueled by the cost, efficiency, and time-to-market improvements the company realized from implementing a sophisticated governance platform for open source software (OSS).

Learn how Olympus benefits from open source and why governance and compliance is essential to reduce operational risks.

The payments industry’s distinct challenge is to monitor more than just its own open source governance. Effective governance of open source software (OSS) deployment is a critical business requirement for the global payments industry. OSS governance helps firms meet partnership obligations, fosters regulatory compliance, and bolsters reputations.


Known for its Dragon Speech Recognition Software, Massachusetts-based voice and language solutions provider Nuance is increasingly turning to open source software (OSS) to speed the development of software solutions. Learn how Black Duck’s tools and consulting support helped Nuance’s IP counsel develop a robust open source governance and compliance program.

Find out how Carbonite, a cloud-based backup solution supporting over 300 billion customer files, developed an open source policy with the help of Black Duck. Also learn the best practices Carbonite follows by performing Black Duck Code Audits during the due diligence process for all its technology acquisitions.

Magneti Marelli case studyMagneti Marelli, a multi-billion dollar international component and systems supplier to the automotive industry, implements Black Duck to automate code analysis and handle compliance issues. Ensuring that its GENIVI-based in-vehicle infotainment system fulfills the strict FOSS compliance expectations of its OEM customers. 

InterComponentWare case studyInterComponentWare (ICW), an international eHealth specialist, develops components for the secure and reliable networking of physicians, pharmacists, hospitals, health insurance companies and patients around the world. Black Duck® Protex™ allows ICW to identify software that could potentially create internal licensing policy issues and, therefore, reduce the risk of legal issues.

Intel case studyIntel validates that open source, third party and internal software usage strictly adheres to their software licensing policies, resulting in areduction of software rework caused by the late detection of inappropriate content.

Attivio case studyAttivio's Active Intelligence Engine™ (AIE) takes the best of enterprise search and combines it with the latest in business intelligence, analytics and data management. Attivio’s proactive approach to open source compliance with the Black Duck® Suite has proven especially valuable for accelerating the closing of strategic partnerships.

Development Efficiency

A global financial services giant realizes the compelling economics of open source software. Managing open source code according to robust policies has given the organization the confidence to seek new opportunities to use open source code. This has resulted in significant additional cost savings and increased business agility.

SITA case studySITA is the leading specialist in air transport communications and IT solutions. Ensuring compliance with licenses and distribution requirements increased the use of open source across the enterprise to improve software development efficiency and quality.

SAP case studySAP recognized the potential benefits of automating open source approval processes and began a search for an enterprise-class platform. They chose the Black Duck® Suite to manage their open source integration process in a multi-source development environment.

Samsung case studySamsung developed a lifecycle for open source management that leverages a two-pronged approach: promoting open source among developers while also providing support for risk management, allowing them to maximize efficiencies through automated license compliance.


SpirentSpirent Communications is a multinational telecommunications testing company whose successful execution of strategic acquisitions is essential to its long-term growth plans. Learn how Black Duck's Code Audits have been an invaluable tool in speeding up the due diligence process during mergers and acquisitions.

Voxeo case studyVoxeo Corporation, a leading provider of interactive voice response (IVR) and voice over Internet protocol (VoIP) platforms and services, uses Black Duck® Protex™ as part of their technical due diligence process. By using Protex, Voxeo is able to confidently proceed with acquisitions as potential license conflicts and discrepancies between intellectual property (IP) usage are clearly identified and resolved.


A financial services leader reduces the operational risks and inefficiencies associated with the unmanaged use of open source software. Black Duck allows this financial services organization to reap the enormous cost benefits of open source use. At the same time, it maintains control over code policies and procedures, and ensures compliance. 

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