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Open Source Security for
Red Hat OpenShift

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Secure Apps Deployed in Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform

Black Duck has partnered with Red Hat to establish a scalable and secure method for containerized application delivery. Black Duck Hub integrates with Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform to provide proactive monitoring of all container images in an OpenShift cluster to give teams visibility into, and control over, the risks associated with open source components in container images.

When integrated with OpenShift, Black Duck Hub performs deep container inspection to automatically discover images as they are created, inventory all open source components, and identify and monitor open source security, quality, and compliance risks at any phase of container construction. This automated scanning and monitoring of containerized applications delivered in the Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform helps teams manage container security efficiently and at scale.

Technical Preview:

The Black Duck OpenShift integration is available as a technical preview release. Please complete the form below to request access: