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Open Source Security
in Your Kubernetes Cluster

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Secure Applications Deployed in Your Kubernetes Cluster

Container security remains the biggest barrier to adoption among IT operations and development teams today. Black Duck has developed a scalable security solution for containerized application delivery within a Kubernetes environment. Black Duck OpsSight for Kubernetes proactively monitors all container images within a Kubernetes cluster, providing visibility into, and control over the risks associated with open source components in those container images.

Black Duck OpsSight automatically discovers and scans images as they are utilized, inventories all open source components, and identifies and monitors open source security risks at any phase of container construction. OpsSight annotates Kubernetes pods with summary risk information to enable policy enforcement. With automated scanning and monitoring, teams can manage the security of their Kubernetes deployments efficiently regardless of their scale.

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Black Duck OpsSight for Kubernetes is now available. Please complete the form below to request a demo: