Black Duck’s 2017 Open Source Security and Risk Analysis Finds Security and Compliance Risks in Most Applications

Organizations in every market and every industry are building applications using open source as their foundations. However, many organizations do not effectively track and manage open source, and as a result are not fully aware of the risks that accompany its use.

Black Duck On-Demand Audits of over 1000 commercial applications reveal the surprising degree to which this open source management gap exists.

Failure to manage open source use leaves you susceptible to application security vulnerabilities and license compliance risks that can result in loss of sensitive information, disruption of business, and costly litigation. Defend your company from open source security threats and compliance risks. Read this report to learn about:

  • Common open source components that could put your applications at risk
  • Costly challenges with stated and hidden open source license terms
  • Steps you can take to defend against security threats and license compliance risks

Black Duck. Know your code.