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Open Source
360° Survey

Black Duck Software is pleased to present the results of the 2017 Open Source 360° Survey, an expanded research initiative that builds on the tradition of providing timely open source information and useful insights that characterized the Future of Open Source Survey for the last decade.

Once a speck on the technology landscape, open source use is ubiquitous worldwide and is the foundation of today’s applications. Open source comprises 80% to 90% of the code in a typical application, according to a recent Forrester Research report.

New Focus on the State of Open Source

Open Source 360° Survey focused on four areas:

  • Usage: Less attention to how much open source is being used and more about where it fits in the development and deployment strategy
  • Contributions: Companies that once forbade developers from using open source are among today’s most avid contributors to open source projects. This year’s survey will assess contribution trends and look at why companies are contributing.
  • Risk: Few companies have good visibility into where open source is being used and therefore lack necessary controls, placing them at risk to known security vulnerabilities. Is that changing in light of the heightened attention to cybersecurity?
  • Governance & Policies: The increase in open source use has not always been accompanied by well-developed selection policies or attention to license obligations. Are companies becoming more conscious of their need to improve their IP quality?

The Survey

Watch Black Duck's Center for Open Source Research and Innovation's webinar presented on June 22 discussing the results of the Open Source 360° Survey in 2017 with Technology Evangelist Tim Mackey.

We're also happy to share this year's key takeaways in an infographic.