Open Source Software Audit

When M&A (mergers and acquisitions) transactions or internal reviews are in motion, you need a fast, trusted, and comprehensive software audit. An open source software audit helps your business, legal, and engineering teams quickly find open source software and third-party code, along with associated licenses and obligations.

Discover Open Source Components, Licenses, IP Obligations, and Other Code Risks

software audit statisticsEach year, Black Duck performs hundreds of audits for some of the largest organizations and most active acquirers, as well as smaller companies. With Black Duck's On-Demand tools, using a range of code scanning techniques, our experts provide the most comprehensive analysis available.

By shining a light on unknown open source code and third-party components and licenses, Black Duck can alert your organization to potential legal, operational, and security issues. And, importantly, we provide the responsiveness, speed, and discretion required to reduce your risk, stay on-schedule, and keep the deals moving.

Open Source Audit & Risk Assessment:

In addition to open source software auditing, Black Duck On-Demand offers an Open Source Risk Assessment to help your organization:

  • Avoid downstream surprises
  • Mitigate potential legal exposure by uncovering unknown and undeclared open source and third-party code
  • Understand the range of risks that may impact software asset values
  • Review and resolve any potential issues before they impact the transaction

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