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Open Source in Financial Services

Regulation, Standards, Innovation, and Automation

As a financial services organization, you need to be agile, innovative and competitive.  Open Source has become the natural solution to many of these pressures, as it addresses these needs while also permitting IT organizations to spend development resources on those innovations that are truly differentiating. Mobile technology, in particular, is a game changer in the consumption and delivery of financial services. Of course, with innovation also come challenges.

The financial services industry has unique and complex concerns, from the Basel III regulatory framework to adherence to PCI DSS. And for companies having debt or equity securities traded in the US, Sarbanes Oxley represents complex layers of individual and corporate responsibilities. Managing compliance with standards and regulations is the price of entry.  However, successful compliance at almost any scale requires automation.

Black Duck OSS Logistics solutions for financial services provide the most comprehensive automated governance and compliance tools available. When millions of lines code meet an equal number of standards, regulations, and obligations, our solutions are the benchmark for:

  • Balancing the benefits of open source while mitigating risk and ensuring regulatory, corporate and technical compliance
  • Identifying and mapping known security vulnerabilities for fast and easy remediation
  • Helping developers find and assess the best OSS components from among the hundreds of thousands available on the Internet
  • Controlling what components are integrated and deployed
  • Maintaining quality when software is built from code compiled from large numbers of external components
  • Managing code across the application lifecycle – both open source and internally-sourced code
  • Balancing cost and creativity

Black Duck Solutions

The Black Duck Hub helps security and development teams identify and mitigate open source related risks across application portfolios. The Hub’s lightweight scanning, tracking, and monitoring solution:

  • Identifies open source throughout your code base
  • Automatically maps known vulnerabilities to the open source you have in use
  • Triages and tracks remediation
  • Continuously monitors for newly identified vulnerabilities

The Black Duck® Suite is a comprehensive set of governance and compliance automation tools that enable development organizations to harness the power of open source technologies and methods. 

Black Duck’s consulting services offer open source governance, policy, and strategy guidance to help you achieve your business objectives.

The Black Duck Open Hub, a free community resource, is the most comprehensive public directory of OSS and the contributors who create and maintain it. Open Hub Code Search is a publicly available, free code search engine indexing more than 20 billion lines of code.

CONTACT US today to learn more about how Black Duck can help your financial services firm manage open source security, governance, and compliance.

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