Our customers span every sector, from small application vendors to large enterprises in the financial services, healthcare technology and automotive industries, to federal government agencies.  But all have one thing in common – open source is an essential part of their business and software development process. Open source is integral to the products that they make, the services that they deliver, and the infrastructure that powers their operations. And all know the importance of managing and securing open source code.

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“Best practices require an audit of our source code at least every other year.”
ScienceLogic logo “We need to be able to look at the vulnerabilities of all the different software packages that we have and keep on top of any new vulnerabilities as they’re discovered.”
Hortonworks logo “Black Duck provides a great management and governance platform. It enables us to do timely and comprehensive IP reviews of the code, and ship our products with confidence – and a trustworthy Bill of Materials.”
Magneti logo “We found that, in addition to ensuring compliance, Black Duck helps us to be more productive simply by avoiding issues right from the beginning, thus avoiding unnecessary rework.”
Samsung logo “Black Duck allows Samsung SDS developers to quickly and easily check OSS code for licensing and compliance issues against Samsung’s OSS policy criteria.”
SAP logo “We can now more efficiently utilize open source as part of our strategy to achieve a faster time to market and increase innovation.”

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