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Meet Our Customers

"We selected Black Duck for three reasons;
for reputation, ease of use, and the confidence in the results."

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Our customers span every sector, from small application vendors to large enterprises in the financial services, healthcare technology and automotive industries, to federal government agencies.  But all have one thing in common – open source is an essential part of their business and software development process. Open source is integral to the products that they make, the services that they deliver, and the infrastructure that powers their operations. They all know the importance of managing and securing open source code.



Featured Customer Stories


Entersekt & Black Duck

Entersekt: Automating Open Source Vulnerability Management

Entersekt moved code validation earlier in the SDLC & automated open source vulnerability management.
ClickFox & Black Duck Software

ClickFox: Insight into Open Source Code Security

See how ClickFox manages and secures their use of open source software.
Sciencelogic & Black Duck Software

ScienceLogic Gets Unmatched Open Source Visibility with Black Duck

ScienceLogic relies on Black Duck to gain visibility into open source use throughout their SDLC.
Global Banks & Black Duck Software

Open Source Helps Global Bank Reduce Security Risks & Improve Costs

Learn how Black Duck can help your global bank secure and manage open source software.
Samsung & Black Duck Software

Samsung's Open Source Management Secrets

See how Samsung promotes open source use and gain insight into their open source management secrets.
Intel & Black Duck Software

Magneti: Open Source License Compliance is Achievable

Learn how Magneti Marelli ensures its in-vehicle system fulfills strict open source compliance.
FINRA & Black Duck Software

FINRA Improves Development Efficiencies and Security

See how FINRA manages and secures its use of open source software.
Nuance & Black Duck Software

Nuance Builds a Successful Open Source Compliance Program

How Nuance's Dragon Speech Recognition Software speeds development & ensures license compliance.