Learn how FINRA is managing and securing open source with Black Duck!

Want to know how FINRA, the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority, manages and secures its use of open source software?

Processing approximately six terabytes of data on 20 billion financial transactions daily, FINRA's 500 software developers rely on open source software to build a holistic picture of the U.S. trading market.

Read this case study to learn how Black Duck helps FINRA:

  • Streamline its development process
  • Automate open source code management
  • Identify, track, and monitor open source security vulnerabilities

"When we built our business case for bringing in Black Duck, our internal information security group was a co-sponsor of the effort. This group now has a significantly easier way to determine which artifacts and versions are affected by any security vulnerability and which applications are impacted as a result. This capability did not exist before, so this is huge."

–Kostas Gaitanos, Senior Director of Development Services, FINRA


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