ClickFox’s Fortune 500 customers include some of the world’s best-known banks, communications companies and utilities. With the help of Black Duck Software, ClickFox has gained valuable insight into their use of open source while improving their code security.

Read this case study to learn how ClickFox improved the security of their code by:

  • Scanning their code to identify the specific open source they’re using
  • Automatically mapping open source to known vulnerabilities
  • Assessing open source code security risks and prioritizing remediation
  • Identifying open source licenses

"From both a security and a customer satisfaction standpoint, we want to make sure that the code we deliver to customers is free of vulnerabilities and potential licensing problems and is the best code possible. Many of our customers also use Black Duck and we want to be sure we’re catching code vulnerabilities before they do."

—Zachary Johnson, IT and Enterprise Manager, ClickFox

Black Duck. Know your code.