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Leverage Open Source to Achieve Strategic Objectives

Black Duck has unmatched experience working with enterprise IT, technology executives and development teams to bring open source opportunities into focus and implement effective open source strategies for proven business success. Realize the maximum benefits from open source through the following services:

  • Licensing/IP Strategy – Analysis of technology and IP portfolios, including both open source and proprietary software, to harmonize licensing choices and compliance requirements with system architecture and commercial goals
  • Product Strategy – Applying open source industry best practices to creating innovative products and services built with, on and for open source software, and creation of business models for monetizing and scaling revenues from OSS-based offerings
  • Community, Ecosystem and Channel Development – Developing an open source community and ecosystem, strategy and interaction model to derive maximum benefit from community and commercial participants, while effectively managing community interests and developing, supporting and monetizing open source technologies.
  • Go-to-Market Strategy – Deliver a unique value proposition to the right target market through market and customer segmentation, product and services portfolio definition,  pricing and revenue modeling, and tuning promotional vehicles to reach developer and user communities
  • Legacy Migration Strategy – Review and analysis of legacy / proprietary software portfolios and creation of strategies and financial models for replacing select applications and software stacks with open source alternatives, with accompanying integration and support models for maximizing ROI
  • Due Diligence Strategy – Our experts provide the responsiveness, speed and discretion required to help you reduce business risk, meet deadlines and keep merger and acquisition (M&A) deals moving.
  • Community Intelligence Reports - Receive in-depth analysis and strategic insights of open source software projects, featuring key metrics highlighting underlying trends in the communities and ecosystems around these OSS projects. Additionally, our experts will evaluate the implications for organizations interested in embedding and distributing, developing with and deploying specific project technologies.

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