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Compliance: Know Where & How Open Source Software is Used

The 5 Myths of ip risk with OSS

  1. All open source licenses require the release of source code for everything.
  2. None of these (license and IP) agreements are enforceable so it doesn't matter anyway.
  3. No one will ever know (if we use it but don't observe license compliance).
  4. Our corporate policy says we don't use OSS.
  5. We aren't distributing software, so we don't have to pay attention, right?

98% of companies are unaware of the open source code they are using.

55% of companies have no open source governance policies or procedures in place.

Ensure Open Source Software Compliance

While the pervasive use of open source software is helping companies build better, faster, and cheaper software, this growing code base complexity increases the need for proper code governance and license compliance.

Uncontrolled use of open source can introduce code that does not comply with corporate policies, is not properly licensed, contains security vulnerabilities, or introduces bugs that are costly and time-consuming to fix.

Luckily, we are the leaders in open source compliance, helping companies of all sizes understand:

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Not complying with open source licenses can be very costly!

Security Video

The recent Versata Software litigation
serves as a warning to companies not properly managing their use of open source software.

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Are you struggling to ensure open source compliance in the cloud?


You're not alone.

Carbonite is sharing how they solve the logistical challenges of managing and securing their use of open source.

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Automate open source governance and compliance!


Concerned about open source license compliance and security risks?

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