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Quickly Identify Open Source and Third-Party Code in Your Internal Codebase

The lack of maturity of open source management processes in most organizations makes it difficult, or even impossible, to know the open source and cryptographic content in a software code base. If your business, engineering, and legal teams don't know what's in your code, or where it is, they can't take the proper steps to ensure your code isn't exposed to security, legal, and operational risks.

Whether you are preparing for a transaction or funding event, satisfying a customer, or simply want to get a better handle on potential issues with your code, Black Duck On-Demand audits provide an accurate, comprehensive code assessment. Additionally, Black Duck can help give you a better sense for how your software quality and processes stack up against industry norms.

Black Duck On-Demand Audits can help you:

  • Scan code to identify undeclared and unknown open source and third-party software and associated licenses to mitigate potential legal exposure
  • Provide a more thorough and accurate analysis than possible through manual audits by using multiple code scanning techniques
  • Detect encryption algorithms that can impact and restrict the legal export of acquired software
  • Highlight security vulnerabilities and other risks that can impact software asset value in an Open Source Risk Assessment
  • Compare target code and development processes to industry standards with a Code Quality Audit

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