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Manage Operational Risk and Reduce Support Costs

Development organizations must produce quality code on time and within budget while the complexity of software composition grows. As a result of this and the increasing importance of software in most businesses, technical due diligence is becoming a more critical focus of M&A transactions. For similar reasons, many companies, outside of an M&A context, value an outside opinion about their own code and software development processes.

The Black Duck On-Demand Code Quality Audit (CQA) addresses both internal audit needs as well as M&A due diligence requirements by delivering a comprehensive report of code and process quality. The analysis evaluates key software quality criteria such as code reliability, efficiency, and maintainability to help organizations manage operational risk, reduce support costs, and anticipate issues in current and future M&A transactions.

Developed with the input of Black Duck customers which include some of the largest and most active acquirers, the CQA is designed to help diligence teams and engineering managers compare their code against industry standards. The Code Quality Audit report provides an overall quality assessment informed by use of static analysis of the code, comparative analysis based on other code quality audit data, and an assessment of the processes used to create the code.

Start gaining insights into your code base today. Contact us to learn more about Black Duck On-Demand Code Quality Audits. 

Black Duck has become a standard part of our due diligence when we buy a software company.
Steve Clark
Vice President, Mergers and Acquisitions

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