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Open source software (OSS) has revolutionized the mobile industry by accelerating the development process for phones, tablets and other devices. Competition is intense and the pressure to innovate is extreme, so maximizing the benefits of OSS is critical. With hundreds of thousands of projects to choose from, open source provides an abundance of options and new opportunities for developers to focus on innovation. Yet with opportunity and abundance comes complexity. 

Black Duck offers software to help mobile companies navigate the OSS ecosystem to meet their open source goals. Choosing the best code, evaluating the licenses and managing the integration process creates a greater need for governance and compliance, strategy development and overall open source logistics.

Black Duck Solutions

Whether you’re new to OSS adoption or looking to automate your existing open source governance process, Black Duck provides oss logistics products and solutions that will ensure your organization’s long-term success.

The Black Duck® Suite is a comprehensive set of governance and compliance automation tools that enable development organizations to harness the power of open source technologies and methods.

Android Fast Start™ is a bundled software and service solution that gets you up and running with Android while making it easy to manage operational, legal and security challenges and ensure open source compliance. Black Duck Consulting offers open source governance, policy and strategy consulting services to help you achieve your business objectives. 

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