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Thousands of companies rely on Black Duck solutions addressing open source logistics for enablement, security and governance. Our software, combined with our extensive experience, help organizations from around the world maximize the potential of open source to build better software faster while managing challenges and ensuring compliance.

We provide tailored solutions for:


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RT @sc4g: Open source is all about giving back to the community. Here's to all you SocialCoders4Good :) http://t.co/8nu7f8qtUA #HFOSS #OSCON
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Open Source Weekly Wrap Up: Docker’s First Acquisition & HP Indemnifies OpenStack http://t.co/xULmSL1a8R via @OSDelivers @rothcolleen
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Federal IT Innovation Depends On Being Open | InformationWeek http://t.co/KaH68OFdFL #opengov #opensource #opendata
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RT @imllorente: The partnership between OpenNebula and Microsoft has been one of the big announcements at OSCON 2014 http://t.co/563CHPvNBP
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@jdgarciauc3m We have open source data available at http://t.co/eoN51atJ8I and on @bdopenhub at http://t.co/PahySluJa8

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