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Black Duck is dedicated to helping organizations maximize their use and management of open source software, and the value they realize from our products. Our services team has extensive experience in oss logistics with over 1,000 customers and just about every type of software tools environment. Their knowledge, skills and expertise with open source management is unmatched in the industry and our pragmatic approach is designed to fit the pace and level of change desired by your organization. We offer a comprehensive array of services to address all your open source needs.

Black Duck Services Include:

Audit Services Open Source License & Code Analysis
Provides management with essential information regarding software assets, compliance and governance processes. Our services include software audits to support M&A technical due diligence and to review internal code. Black Duck offers audits to find and identify open source software, as well as code quality audits to uncover issues in code or code construction that can lead to quality issues.

Fast Start Services Accelerate Open Source Development
Pre-packaged software and service offerings that get you up and running fast. 

Product Implementation Services Seamless Solutions Deployment
Customized offerings that help you implement our governance and compliance automation tools quickly and easily.

Training & Certification Education Helping You Maximize The Value of Open Source
Helping you increase productivity and innovation by ensuring your teams understand how to maximize the value of Black Duck products.

Open Source Security
The Black Duck Suite security features ensure the secure use of open source by providing ongoing visibility to vulnerabilities throughout the software lifecycle.

Open Source Support
Available through Black Duck partner credativ, this service offers Black Duck customers a support plan of one business day with no need to purchase a set number of hours.  With this plan, you’ll have access to experts when you need them. 

Open Source Risk Profile Service (OSRP)
The Open Source Risk Profile service provides a quick and thorough analysis of the security, operational and legal risk associated with open source software known to be in use within your organization.

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