Code Sight Free Edition

Index and Search up to 200,000 Lines of Code

Searching code within your local workspace is easy, but what about the millions of lines of code that exist throughout your enterprise?

Black Duck® Code Sight™ provides you with fast and easy access to all the code in your enterprise, allowing you to:

  • Research, analyze, learn from, and share code
  • Find an API to see how it works… or why it doesn't
  • See how teammates call an API
  • Check the cross-project impact of making an API change
  • Trace a function, variable, or class back to its definition
  • Reference how other files use a class

Download the Free Edition
With the Code Sight Free Edition, you can index and search up to 200,000 lines of code that exist throughout your enterprise.
To access the Free Edition, simply enter your information below. You will receive an email from that contains download links for both Windows and Linux, along with a series of follow up emails that will help you get started and learn about Code Sight features.

Please click here to see the complete HW/SW requirements. And if you want to index more than 200k lines of code, please register for a free 60-day trial of Code Sight Enterprise Edition.

Want to Learn More About Code Sight?

Experience the full power of Code Sight by starting your 60-day free trial of the Enterprise Edition, and see Code Sight in action in this demo:

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