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Black Duck® Code Sight™ is a highly scalable, syntax-specific enterprise source code search engine that enables you to find, understand and reuse internal code by creating an index from hundreds of repositories across your enterprise. Access to a fast, simple means of code search can:

  • Provide you with visibility into internal components that you can explore for potential reuse
  • Allow you to view first-hand examples of how another developer created solutions to challenging or complex code issues
  • Help you learn how to use an API
  • Encourage enterprise-wide reuse and standardization, reducing the risk associated with the introduction of multiple versions of existing components

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  • Syntax-specific search for 43 languages, including class, method, interface and enumeration definitions
  • Filter results by languages and projects
  • Code matches are clearly highlighted
  • Pre-built SCM adapters for leading SCM systems
  • Plug-ins for Eclipse, Visual Studio, Firefox and Chrome
  • With custom configuration, Code Sight scales to billions of lines of code, e.g. it powers Open Hub Code Search which catalogs over 20 billion lines of code
  • Runs on Linux and Windows       


Black Duck Code Sight -  Code Search Connects to Leading SCMs Including Git, Subversion, Mercurial, Bazaar, CVS, Perforce, Rational ClearCase, Microsoft Team Foundation Server, Microsoft Visual SourceSafe, AccuRev, and Borland StarTeam.

To learn more about how Code Sight can help your organization maximize the power of open source through mastery of OSS Logistics, contact us at

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