Koders.com Free Code Search Site Exceeds 2.4 Billion Lines of Open Source Code

Black Duck Software Launches Updated Site and Triples Amount of Searchable Code

WALTHAM, Mass., September 9, 2009 - Black Duck Software, the leading global provider of products and services for accelerating software development through the managed use of open source software, today announced the re-launch of Koders.com; the free search site for open source code. Koders.com now provides access to over 2.4 billion lines of code, written in 33 languages, a 210 percent increase in code since Black Duck acquired the assets of Koders.com in April 2008. More than 100 million lines of code have been added to the site per month on average.

The redesigned Koders.com site features updated navigation and layout for ease of use, project-level views of code and a ‘heat map’ that shows open source projects that map to the most common search terms. Koders.com services tens of thousands of queries daily, most from developers using free downloadable plug-ins for the Eclipse or Visual Studio IDEs. Koders plug-ins feature SmartSearch™ technology which helps developers avoid reinventing the wheel by actively displaying code solutions that match what they are currently writing.

The Koders site offers a number of code-specific features aimed at boosting developer productivity:

  • File tree browser for a bird’s-eye-view of a project
  • Component information about each project: license, line count, repository name, URL, and more
  • Language breakdown by project to assist developers in understanding the skill set required to work with a particular open source component
  • Solutions ‘heat map’ that associates the most common search terms with coding solutions
  • File downloads for quick cut-and-paste of code fragments
  • An ROI calculator that quickly estimates the cost savings of using an open source component instead of writing the functionality from scratch
  • Widgets that allow webmasters to easily add source code search to Internet sites (corp.koders.com/resources/widgets). These widgets are customizable to search a single project making them a useful addition to an open source project page

“Black Duck will continue to add code to Koders.com with the goal of making billions more lines of code available,” said Eran Strod, director of product marketing, Black Duck Software. “Our mission for Koders is to promote the reuse of open source in software development by providing programmers with a single, convenient place to find open source code that is relevant to their development efforts.”

Open source projects not currently searchable by Koders.com are encouraged to contact Black Duck through the “Submit Project” button (http://corp.koders.com/submitproject) on the Koders home page. Since acquiring Koders, Black Duck has received hundreds of new project submissions from developers eager to share their projects with the OSS community. These have been added to the hundreds of thousands of projects that are currently in the Black Duck KnowledgeBase.

Black Duck Software continuously spiders the Internet collecting open source code and project information into a database that powers a suite of enterprise products. The Black Duck Suite enables code reuse and helps development organizations deal with the management, security and compliance challenges arising from mixing open source with other kinds of code. The Black Duck KnowledgeBase contains code from over 4,400 web sites including:

  • General sites like SourceForge.net, Google code, and Code Project;
  • Language-centric sites like CPAN, RubyForge, and php.net;
  • Sponsored sites such as CodePlex, NASA.gov and java.net;
  • Project sites like GNOME, Apache and Eclipse;
  • And many more.

As a service to the greater software development community, Black Duck is gradually making code it has collected from thousands of code forges and repositories searchable at Koders.com.

About Black Duck Software

Black Duck Software is the leading provider of products and services for automating the management, governance and secure use of open source software, at enterprise scale, in a multi-source development process. Black Duck™ enables companies to shorten time-to-market and reduce development costs while mitigating the management, security and compliance challenges associated with open source software. Black Duck Software powers Koders.com, the industry’s leading code search engine for open source, and is among the 500 largest software companies in the world, according to Softwaremag.com. The company is headquartered near Boston and has offices in San Francisco, Paris, Tokyo and Hong Kong, as well as distribution partners throughout the world.

Black Duck, Know Your Code and the Black Duck logo are registered trademarks of Black Duck Software, Inc. in the United States and other jurisdictions. Koders is a trademark of Black Duck Software, Inc. All other trademarks are the property of their respective holders.

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