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Quickly Identify Open Source and Third Party Code in Your Internal Codebase

It can be difficult, or even impossible, to know what's in your software code base without the right tools and resources. If your business, engineering and legal teams don’t know what’s in your code, or where it is, they can’t take the proper steps to ensure your that your code doesn't increase security, legal and opperational risks. 

The Black Duck open source audit uses our proven code scanning and analysis technology to quickly find and identify open source and third party code, providing you with the information and confidence you need to swiftly take action with remediation efforts.

Black Duck's software audit services can help you:

  • Ensure the IP integrity and degree of open source compliance of your code - especially important prior to a funding event or transaction
  • Satisfy disclosure requirements as part of a software supply chain
  • Gain a better understanding of your code for technical, operational, security and legal reasons

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