Due Diligence

Uncover Unknown Open Source Components and Associated Legal, Export, and Security Risks

Your business, legal and engineering teams need a fast, secure and thorough analysis of software intellectual property (IP) assets when an merger and acquistion (M&A) transaction is in motion. Black Duck's open source audits help you quickly identify open source and third-party code along with related software provenance and licensing obligations.

Our processes are fine-tuned and our expert consultants are trained to provide the responsiveness, speed and discretion required to reduce business risk, meet deadlines and keep the deal moving.

Black Duck's software audit services enable you to:

  • Discover undeclared and unknown open source and third-party software to mitigate potential legal exposure
  • Receive a more thorough and accurate analysis than possible through manual audits
  • Identify encryption technologies that can impact and restrict the legal export of acquired software
  • Make modifications and quickly remediate any potential issues
  • Identify security vulnerabilities that can impact software asset value

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